Collapsed Bite Makeover

Collapsed Bite Makeover

Posted by Bay Smile Design on Dec 21 2020, 12:21 AM

Did you know that your smile can change with time?

A world full of smiling faces is the best world one could imagine having. Nothing but only a lovely smile can make a person the most beautiful. 

With passing years, our teeth, especially the upper teeth, deteriorate and get concealed behind the upper lips. This then creates an impression of missing teeth, as they hardly are visible. This affects the aesthetics and the look of our smile and is a sign of a 'collapsed bite.'

What Is a Collapsed Bite?

The eventual wearing and tearing of teeth causes a 'collapsed bite,' also traditionally associated as 'granny bite.' This is a condition where most of the upper teeth get hidden behind the upper lips, and the teeth are hardly seen.

This degeneration of teeth is quite naturally seen in adults in their 50s, 60s, and above. Undergoing restorative dentistry procedures like crowns, fillings, bridges, etc., can help fight the degeneration of teeth. 

The collapsed bite is not only subjected to elderly people but is also seen in individuals in their 20s and 30s, who are teeth grinders, teeth clenchers, and who have not been treated for bruxism (excessive teeth grinding or clenching). 

What Happens When You Have a Collapsed Bite?

There are two major difficulties observed as a result of a collapsed bite:

Change in smile behavior – 

  • Most of the upper teeth get hidden behind the upper lips, i.e., less of the upper teeth are seen.
  • More of the lower teeth are seen.
  • It becomes more difficult to have a normal smile as you have to put in extra effort and end up looking a little strange. 

Need for bite correction – 

  • The nature of the bite changes as the upper teeth do not meet the lower teeth completely.
  • It gets very hard to close your teeth completely.

How Can a Collapsed Bite Be Treated?

The treatment involves multiple dentistry procedures to reconstruct the perfect occlusal bite completely. It is crucial to get treatment from highly skilled professional dentists or orthodontists who have general and cosmetic dentistry expertise. A complete step-by-step makeover is done.

Bay Smile assures high-quality and customized dental care for every patient as each individual is unique. With the best doctors, we pursue to see happy patients with the best smiles on.

If you have any questions, please let us know, or check it out the next time you visit with us!

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