Get Dental Implants in a Day with Guided Implant Surgery

Get Dental Implants in a Day with Guided Implant Surgery

Posted by Bay Smile Design on Feb 22 2021, 02:00 AM

If you happen to lose a tooth or damage it by accident, you need not worry about your smile being compromised. You can restore your tooth with a dental implant restoration that replicates your original tooth - root included! As opposed to traditional implant surgery, guided implant surgery lets you get a new tooth in just a day and restore your smile back to its original glory.

What is Guided Implant Surgery?

Guided implant surgery is a procedure that essentially involves placing a tiny titanium rod into your gums to replace a missing root. A dental crown is then placed over the rod to make up for the missing tooth. Implants are comfortable, feel just like your natural teeth, and require the same level of maintenance as your natural teeth.

A New Tooth in a Few Appointments

While a typical dental implant surgery requires multiple visits to the dental clinic - including visits for every stop of the procedure, with guided implant surgery, the time taken is drastically reduced, courtesy of today’s advanced machinery and technology. So, you can walk out with a new tooth in just a day!

Here’s what the process involves:

Examination: The dentist will do a CT scan of the patient’s oral set up to ensure an individual treatment is prepared.

Implant Preparation: Once the examination is done, the dentist will then design custom dental implants in their dental labs.

Surgery: The third step involves placing the implant in the right position with the help of computer technology.

Dental Crowns, design, and placement: For dental crowns, the dentist uses 3D imaging and CAD software to design a dental crown that would fit and feel natural. The dentist will then place the crown on top of the titanium implant.

Post-surgical monitoring: Once the surgery is done, the dentist will take X-rays to make sure the implants and crowns are placed perfectly.

Typically, dental implant surgery is conducted by making an incision in the gums, which would then need to be closed using stitches. This means there is a waiting period to allow the stitches to heal before the next step is undertaken. In the case of guided implant surgery, however, there are no stitches or waiting times as all the procedures are conducted over the span of a single day.

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