Myths Surrounding Root Canals

Myths Surrounding Root Canals

Posted by Bay Smile Design on Jul 8 2021, 09:57 AM

Root canal treatment is a procedure that eliminates bacteria from the infected root canal, stops further infection of the tooth, and protects the natural tooth. The process of root canal involves removing the infected pulp and the tooth is cleaned thoroughly and carefully disinfected. After all of this is done, it is filled and properly sealed. 

When Should You Get a Root Canal?

Generally, root canals are required when a patient feels sensitivity issues, cracked tooth, a cavity, etc. Some of the symptoms that you might need a root canal are: 

  • Pain while doing activities like biting and chewing
  • Cracked tooth
  • Sensitivity issues with hot or cold objects 
  • Having dark gums and pimples over them

Myths Around Root Canal

● RCT Hurts

With technological advancement and better anesthetic facilities, RCTs don’t hurt. This perception of it being painful is decades old. Now, it hurts just as much as getting a filling.

● Causes Illness

It is nowhere found or clinically proven that root canals cause illness.  

● Pregnant Women Can’t Get Them

Pregnant women can have root canals. Although there is exposure to radiation during the X-ray, it is not that significant. The sedatives or anesthetic agents that are provided are also safe for them.

● Removes the Natural Tooth Roots

The pulp of the infected tooth is removed, and the remaining canal is cleaned and sealed. The roots of a tooth aren’t removed.

● No Need of RCT if There Is No Pain

Pain is a sign that you need root canals. Sometimes, it can also be needed even if there is no pain. Dentists are equipped to check the tooth if it is infected or not. So, pain is not necessarily the indicator if a person needs the treatment or not. 

● Pulling the Infected Tooth is Better

Saving our natural teeth for as long as one can is the goal. In root canals, endodontists try to protect your natural tooth and other teeth from infection. 

● It is a Time-Consuming Process

With today’s technology root canals take a maximum of two visits to your dentists. It makes the process fuss-free and smooth.

● Eventually, Tooth Will Be Lost Anyway

If proper oral hygiene is maintained and regular visits are made to the dentists then your natural teeth can last for a lifetime. 

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Having root canal treatment to protect our natural teeth can have various advantages like: 

  • Helps in chewing properly without pain
  • Once the procedure is done, the natural biting force is retained
  • Looks natural 
  • Also prevents other teeth from excessive strain 

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