Dental implants in Sunnyvale, CA

Dental implants in Sunnyvale, CA

Dental implants are the most sought-after solutions to replace missing teeth. They are highly recommended by dentists worldwide, owing to some of the amazing benefits they offer. In comparison to the alternatives such as bridges and dentures, they are much stronger and provide excellent longevity.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

  • Implants are highly durable as they are made from materials such as titanium and dental-grade ceramic. Due to this, they wear only as much like the natural teeth, which is quite negligible.
  • Since the implant crown is made from a dental-grade material, it can be customized as required to match the exact color and texture of the natural teeth.
  • A dental implant is inserted into the jawbone and fixed using dental cement. This helps it stay firmly in position without slipping off or loosening from the socket.
  • The implant fills the gap left by the missing tooth entirely. This keeps the adjoining teeth from drifting from their orthodontically right positions.
  • The implant stud has grooves on its surface, which allow it to stay stable. Also, these grooves hold the jawbone intact and prevent its deterioration.

How is the implantation process carried out?

Implant surgery will require extensive diagnosis and planning as it is placed in the jawbone by means of surgery. During the diagnosis, the dentist will take scans and x-rays to look into factors such as jawbone deterioration, spacing available for placing the implant, jawbone width and volume, gum health, etc. Also, your overall health will be considered before deciding your candidacy for the implants.

Once all the aspects are checked, digital scans are taken to create an impression of the teeth, which is sent to a dental laboratory to be used as a reference for fabricating the implant crown. Before starting the surgery, the dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the teeth, gums, and jawbone. A small hole will be made in the bone, and the implant stud will be inserted into it. It is secured firmly with dental cement, and a suitable healing period of a few months will be suggested. During this, the implant will be allowed to fuse with the bone, and the gums will regrow around it.

During the next visit, the ceramic crown will be attached to the metal implant with the help of a connecting abutment and dental adhesives. Once the adhesive is hardened, the dentist will conduct a bite test and make sure it is aligned perfectly. The crown will be polished to give it the right luster. The dentist will provide you with appropriate care instructions to make sure the implant lasts for several years without any hassle.

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