Emergency Dental Services in Sunnyvale, CA

Emergency Dental Services in Sunnyvale, CA

Dental emergencies such as damaged teeth, injured lips, and gums, or failed restorations can put you through a lot of pain. Most of us would panic during such situations, which could deny us first aid at the right time. Some of the common dental emergencies are as follows, and here's how they can ideally be handled.

Broken teeth

Individuals who are involved in accidents or endure a hard fall could get their teeth damaged. The teeth could crack, chip, or break, which can be quite a painful condition. It can also lead to a lot of bleeding, putting you in a state of shock. Gather yourself and reach out to your Sunnyvale dentist to get their suggestion on what to do next. You can rinse your mouth multiple times with water to get rid of the blood and debris. Using a clean piece of gauze, try to control the bleeding, and place a cold pack on the cheek to reduce pain and swelling. Visit the dentist at the earliest to get yourself treated.

Injured tongue or lips

When the soft tissues of the mouth are bruised due to a sports-related injury or accidentally biting the lip, there could be severe bleeding. If the wound doesn't heal soon, microbes could infect the tissues by entering through the wound, which becomes a bigger hassle. Use a piece of gauze to apply pressure on the wound and control bleeding. Get it treated by a dentist to facilitate optimum healing.

Failed restorations

When oral restorations crack, get dislodged, or slip off, the oral tissues underneath could get exposed. This can expose the nerves and blood vessels to the microbes in the mouth, thereby possibly leading to an infection. Visit us at the earliest so that we can get new restorations fabricated and bond them to the teeth to cover the exposed surfaces.

Avulsed teeth

An avulsed tooth will be uprooted from the socket completely. It usually occurs when patients endure high-impact forces to the mouth, resulting in the tooth getting knocked off entirely. It can be highly painful and results in a lot of bleeding. However, if you visit the dentist with the knocked off tooth within an hour of the incident, we could be able to put the tooth back in place to allow it to adhere to the surrounding tissues. Rinse the tooth with clean water holding the tooth root, and place it in a glass of milk while bringing it along.

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