Pediatric Dentistry in Sunnyvale CA

Pediatric Dentistry in Sunnyvale CA

Entering parenthood is a mixture of several emotions. The joy of getting to watch your newborn grow could be combined with certain aspects of confusion about whether or not they are suitable for the baby. One such stage where parents could be left with a huge question mark is during the baby’s teething phase.

Should I seek professional help from a dentist? Should we start brushing the baby’s teeth? Would breastfeeding affect the growth of the teeth or their alignment? These are just a few of the many questions that would be lingering around the parents’ heads. Whenever in confusion, it is best to get professional help.

Your Baby’s First Dental Appointment

The American Dental Association recommends parents to take their child for the first dental consultation between the ages of 6 months to a year. Most parents are surprised by this, but it is crucial not to delay. This is when the first set of teeth would emerge, and parents should have a good idea about caring for them. Also, being informed about the ideal oral habits of the baby would be quite helpful.

What would happen during the consultation?

Since babies tend to make a lot of fuss during the first visit, we would ask you to hold the baby and sit on the dental chair. The dentist would check for the emergence of teeth and make sure there isn’t any complication with it. Instructions regarding the care and cleaning of the teeth would be given to the parents. The dentist would guide you on how to brush your baby’s teeth and clean the oral cavity, especially after feeding the baby as the food residues could promote bacterial activity.

A special toothbrush would be given for the baby, which the parents can mount on the tip of their finger and gently clean the teeth. In case the dentist feels that the teeth are vulnerable to cavities, a fluoride treatment may be considered. Additionally, if you have any questions regarding your newborn’s oral health, you can get them clarified with the dentist.

Future Dental Visits

Periodic dental consultations are recommended so that the dentist can keep track of your child’s oral health and stay well-prepared for unexpected infections. But, before this, parents should take the initiative to make sure children aren’t afraid of visiting the dentist. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Talk positively about the dentist to your child.
  • Try and make them understand the importance of visiting a dentist.
  • Reassure them that it would be completely painless.
  • Build a strong image of a dentist in their mind to help them get strong and healthy teeth.
  • While bringing the child for a consultation, bring along their favorite toy with which they can stay distracted.

Things That Dentist Keep in Check

  • Monitoring the growth of the baby teeth
  • Suggesting the right way to brush and floss
  • Educating the parents on caring for their child’s teeth
  • Providing orthodontic solutions to treat a malocclusion
  • Treating cavities by removing tartar and placing fillings
  • Ensuring baby teeth are removed at the right time to allow the permanent teeth to erupt in their correct positions.
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