Preventive Care in Sunnyvale, CA

Preventive Care in Sunnyvale, CA

Preventive dentistry involves treatment procedures that avoid the onset of oral infections and diseases even before they become prominent. Preventive care can keep you from a lot of pain and complication and costs significantly less than conventional treatment. Here are some of the prominent preventive treatments:

Salivary diagnosis: The human saliva contains several enzymes and can be analyzed to check for the onset of infections and oral diseases. The Sunnyvale dentist extracts your saliva and runs tests to determine the presence of viruses and other pathogens in it.

Oral cancer screening: Oral cancer has claimed the lives of millions of people over the years. If it is detected during the initial stages, the chances of getting it cured are higher. Hence, we offer oral cancer screening using highly-advanced cancer-detecting equipment at our dental practice.

X-rays: X-rays are the best way to view the underlying oral features such as tooth roots, jawbone, etc. They are often used to determine damage to the teeth, hidden cavities, jawbone deterioration, benign tumors, etc. Dentists also use them for mapping the positions of teeth while fabricating restorations or preparing for an implantation surgery.

Sealants: Sealants are tooth-colored surface applicants made from acrylic. They are applied to the occlusal grooves present on molars and premolars, which could house many microbes. Hence, sealing them off keeps the food debris and microbes from getting deposited in them, thereby reducing the chances of developing cavities.

Fluoride treatment: Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally present in our teeth. It helps to keep cavities away by strengthening the teeth and increasing their immunity to erosion. When the ideal amount of fluoride isn’t present in the teeth, it can be replenished artificially through fluoride treatment.

Routine consultations: Routine dental consultations allow the dentist to keep an eye on your oral health and determine the onset of any infections. During the consultation, the dentist will also perform a dental cleaning to remove the plaque and tartar deposits. If you have any infections, such as gum diseases, suitable treatment will be given, and medication will be prescribed.

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